• Rapid establishment
  • High yielding
  • Forage booster
  • Winter hardiness
  • High leaf-to-stem ratio

Rapidly establishing annual species which gives high productivity in the season of sowing. This species is useful for spring sowing or immediate sowing after maize or cereal harvest in autumn or as a catch crop when high yields are required within 3-6 months of sowing.


Cover crop @2kg/acre along with long term ley.


Fast Grass, forage booster, 6-12mths, maximum output in short space of time.


Although there is no Recommended list for Westerwold Ryegrasses, Barenbrug UK trial then select the very best varieties for UK conditions. We use multi-cut types with proven winter hardiness and high leaf-to-stem ratio.



DESCRIPTION:An annual ryegrass. Recent breeding advances in the development of quality Westerwold varieties mean it is now a serious option for UK farmers.

Westerwold annual ryegrass is an ecotype of Italian ryegrass selected for earliness, and is not botanically different from Italian ryegrass and its characteristics are also similar.