High output, protein grass & clover

  • An intensive cutting mix that will produce up to four prolific cuts of leafy, high protein forage per year, with the option to graze cattle or finish lambs (although it's not advisable for breeding sheep due to phytoestrogen production).
  • Animals fed on red clover/grass silage will eat more and perform better than those fed on grass silage alone due to increased intakes and protein levels.

When to sow

ORGANIC PROTA SILE will grow at soil temperatures of down to 5°C, enabling the growing season to be extended. Clover will germinate at 10°C.


When to utilise

Three cuts of high protein forage can be taken from this highly productive mixture. Both grass and clover heading dates have been matched to ensure a consistent, quality crop of silage.

Post-cutting grazing is ideal for finishing lambs or grazing young cattle. Breeding sheep should avoid all red clover sources for six weeks pre-tupping until six weeks after tupping as phytoestrogens can affect the breeding cycle and conception rates.


Cover crop

An ideal cover crop for arable rotations, helping to improve soil quality, organic matter and provide other benefits. Cover crops can bring agronomic and environmental benefits with the active growth, rooting, ground cover and habitat provision providing benefits in rotations over a bare fallow and helping to reduce nutrient losses via run-off and leaching. Cover crops can also benefit soil physical and biological characteristics, leading to benefits in soil structure, potentially reducing erosion.



Red clover should be overwintered between 8-10cm


Organic Hybrid ryegrass (TET)
Organic Inter Perennial Ryegrass (TET)
Inter Perennial Ryegrass (TET)
Organic White Clover
Red Clover Blend
Sowing rate / acre
Sowing rate/m²
1,381 seeds/m²
Sowing depth
Up to 10mm
Soil temperature
Min. cutting height
8cm post cutting
Min. grazing height
6cm post grazing
Pack size
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