From our range of organic mixtures

  • ORGANIC HYBRID CUT is a highly productive hybrid ryegrass cutting ley, designed for four years and providing four cuts each year.
  • It’s designed for a three or four year rotation system, delivering 10% higher yield than traditional perennial ryegrass mixtures.
  • A key benefit of this mixture is that it offers multiple exits and entries for slurry / digestate application, using home produced nutrients more efficiently, saving valuable time and resources.

When to sow

Grows at temperatures as low as 6°C so the farm must be able to make use of this early growth.


When to cut

Up to four cuts per year which can take place in May, July, August and October.


This is the ultimate silage mixture, yielding up to 20t DM/ha in its first year and exceeding 16t DM/ha in its second year.



Grass crops can be grown specifically for biogas production in anaerobic digestion (AD), for stabilising or supplementing other feed stocks such as low yielding slurries or variable quality food waste. Grass crops can be incorporated effectively into existing crop rotations and won’t impact on food production as they can be grown on lower fertility soils and on land which is not suitable for the production of food crops. Grass gives long term benefits of improved soil health, structure and fertility, particularly in the arable rotation. It can also aid in the control of black grass by reducing heading and therefore seed shed by taking multiple cuts.

  • Grass silage yields around 160-200 M3/tonne of biogas at 28% DM
  • Excellent addition to other feed stocks
  • Enables efficient utilisation of digestate
  • Lower environmental impact
  • Ability to sequester carbon into the root matrix
  • Improves soil health and structure
  • Reduced soil erosion and nutrient leaching
  • Lower production costs
Organic Hybrid Ryegrass (TET)
Hybrid Ryegrass (DIP)
White Clover
Organic White Clover
Sowing rate/acre
14kg per acre
Sowing rate/m²
1256 seeds/m²
Sowing depth
Up to 10mm
Soil temperature
Min cutting/grazing height
1500DM ~8cm
Pack size