Ideal winter cover crop and grazing

  • FAST GRASS establishes quickly to provide winter cover and rapid growth even at cool temperatures offering production late into autumn, delivering extra grazing opportunities over winter.
  • It gives total exibility with 12, 18 or 24 month production potential and could also be established after a spring cereal harvest.


  • Dairy
  • Sheep
  • Beef
  • Grazing
  • Silage


Later production = winter grazing option

Thanks to its ability to germinate at lower temperatures than conventional leys means it can be sown safely throughout October, being developed using the concept of ‘germination energy’.


This concept means it will establish faster and better than other leys, even in the adverse conditions of cold, wet, seed beds which appear later in the year.


20% faster establishing than the average ryegrass

By measuring the germination rate under low temperatures of 7-10°C, similar to those found in the field throughout October and selecting those which give the best germination in the shortest time, the result is an establishment rate of over 20 percent above the average ryegrass.


FAST GRASS is a very flexible product that can fit into different regimes as required.


It is equally at home being used as an early spring cut before being ploughed out for a spring-sown crop or used as a sacrifice field for early spring grazing as a more cost effective alternative to ryegrass.



  • Can assist with prevention of winter soil erosion

  • It has the ability to make use of existing nutrients in the soil after previous crop soaking up N, thus

    decreasing winter leaching

  • Can add organic matter to the soil improving its quality, structure and nutrient holding capacity

  • Blending Italian ryegrass with hybrid and perennial ryegrasses ensures the mixture delivers a rounded

    performance with very rapid establishment, a bottom to the sward, making it denser and very tight

    heading dates

  • Delivers over 18% more in the first year compared to a perennial ryegrass ley

Italian ryegrass (TET)
Italian ryegrass (DIP)
Sowing rate/acre
12 - 15kg/acre
Short term
Medium term
Long term

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