Forage Boost

  • BarBumper is a very flexible product that can fit into different regimes where extra forage is required immediately
  • The specialist ryegrass mix will produce up to 30% more forage than a newly sown perennial ryegrass ley

  • Dairy
  • Sheep
  • Beef
  • Grazing
  • Silage
  • Very fast establishment from high quality tetraploid seeds
  • Can assist with prevention of winter soil erosion
  • Strong Autumn-Winter-Spring growth
  • High quality, high quantity forage production from 2-18 months
  • It has the ability to make use of existing nutrients in the soil after previous crop soaking
  • Adds organic matter to the soil improving its quality, structure and nutrient holding capacity
  • Blending Italian & Westerwold ryegrasses ensures the mixture delivers maximum performance
  • Delivers up to 30% more yield in the first year compared to a perennial ryegrass ley
  • UK proven varieties
Baritmo/Barspectra II
Westerwold Ryegrass
Barmultra II/Gemini
Italian Ryegrass
Sowing rate/acre
12 - 15kg
Sowing rate per Ha
30 - 35kg
Short term
Medium term
Long term
Cutting & Grazing

BarForage is our range of grass and clover mixtures for all types of farms. There is a BarForage mixture to suit each type of grassland and farm management system available, which provides a massive high quality forage yield, better palatability and improves animal health.