Late perennial ryegrass - tetraploid

  • Excellent early season performance
  • High first cut yields
  • Balanced growth throughout the growing season

A highly digestible sward suitable for cutting or grazing which performs best early in the season with well balanced growth for the rest of the year.

Very high first cut yields. Multi-purpose variety.



DESCRIPTION: Dark green, densely or loosely tufted. Folded shoot and leaves.

FLOWERING HEAD: Flattened spike with the spikelets arranged alternately on opposite sides of the stem. The spikelets are stalkless with the narrow, rounded face tting against the stem.

LEAF BLADE: Ribbed on upper surface, smooth and shiny underside. Red at base of stem.

AURICLES & LIGULE: Auricles are usually well developed, up to 1/12 of an inch (2 mm) long, or are sometimes lacking.