• Tolerant of extreme conditions
  • Modern purpose bred variety to be soft leaved and very palatable
  • Grows at cooler temperatures
  • Versatile species

Often referred to as old pasture grass of no value, Comer is a modern purpose bred variety to be soft leaved and very palatable. It is tolerant of extreme conditions and grows at cooler temperatures. High in fibre and DM make it a versatile species in modern agricultural mixes.

The inclusion of Timothy is beneficial where increased ground cover is needed and where winter grazing occurs



DESCRIPTION: Our modern Timothys are bred to have softer leaves and higher palatability. The coarse tufted grass with many varieties covering a range of growth habits. Generally light green or greyish-green. Flattened shoot.

FLOWERING HEAD: Dense cylindrical spike giving the alternative common name. Spikelets are small, single flowered and tightly packed; green, often tinted pink or white.

LEAF BLADE: Flattended Broad leaves. Smooth, double rib down the centre. Boat shaped at tip.

AURICLES & LIGULE: Small and spreading, minutely hairy. Short, 2mm. Finely serrated