• Highly palatable and digestible
  • Very late maturing
  • Winter-hardy
  • Soft leaved
  • Endures temperature extremes

Baraula is a very late-maturing, winter-hardy very soft leaved cocksfoot. It is one of the latest maturing varieties offered by Barenbrug. Baraula survives severe winters and endures hot, dry summers. It is leafier than traditional varieties and maintains its quality late into the season.

Baraula produces excellent quality forage which is highly palatable and digestible. Its late maturity makes it ideal for use in mixtures.



DESCRIPTION: Our modern Cocksfoots are bred to have softer leaves and higher palatability. Large, coarse-looking tufted grass often bluish-green in colour.


FLOWERING HEAD: One-sided, distinctive flower/feather like seed head. Spikelets are small flattened and condensed into oval shaped clusters.


LEAF: Dull leaf, flattened, wide and flat