Late perennial ryegrass - diploid

  • Excellent spring yield and very good total yields
  • Very good resistance to crown rust

Callan is a late diploid perennial ryegrass with a heading date of 1st June.

Offering very good spring yields under simulated grazing management (117% of control varieties), Callan delivers a very good total yield under conservation management of 102%. It also offers very good resistance to crown rust.



DESCRIPTION: Dark green, densely or loosely tufted. Folded shoot and leaves.

FLOWERING HEAD: Flattened spike with the spikelets arranged alternately on opposite sides of the stem. The spikelets are stalkless with the narrow, rounded face tting against the stem.

LEAF BLADE: Ribbed on upper surface, smooth and shiny underside. Red at base of stem.

AURICLES & LIGULE: Auricles are usually well developed, up to 1/12 of an inch (2 mm) long, or are sometimes lacking.