High yielding Italian and clover blend

  • PROTA PLUS is designed to deliver maiximum production of a very high protein forage from spring sowing, followed by an autumn and winter grazing sward suitable for sheep &  overwintering cattle.
  • It also offers a flexible alternative to forage brassicas or westerwolds
  • Dairy
  • Beef
  • Sheep

Used commercially on farm for over five years, PROTA PLUS is an exceptionally versatile mixture which can provide a number of benefits to farmers.

PROTA PLUS has a role to play in any system or farm enterprise and is an ideal break crop in any arable
rotation or an exciting alternative to brassicas in livestock systems.


How it works

  • BARMULTRA II has been a reliable component of this mixture from its conceptions and continues to provide high yields of high quality grass. It has good winter hardiness and good disease resistance ensuring a palatable sward that will provide right through into the second year.
  • CONTEA Crimson clover is a very high yielding single cut annual clover, which will grow from seed to flowering in around 120 days, but should be cut before flowering for maximum quality. Its forage has a protein content of around 20% and an ME of 12-14MJ. It’s a tap rooted clover, so improving the soil structure and will “fix” over 40kg/h nitrogen
  • LIGHTENING Persian clover is a high quality, multi-cut species. It will survive in the sward, whether cut or grazed through the autumn. It has a fibrous rooting system that will improve soil organic matter


Animal benefits

  • Suitable for any livestock class
  • Can be cut, grazed or a mix of both
  • High DLWGs achievable for grazing stock
  • High yields of high protein, high ME silage achievable
  • Very long growing season
  • Can shorten finishing period compared to grass only
  • Can shorten feeding period for finishers
  • Can lower feed requirement for overwinterers or in lamb ewes
  • Ability to flush breeding sheep.


Environmental benefits

  • Requires no Nitrogen applications in the first year
  • Can leave up to 50kg N/ha in the soil for subsequent crops
  • Attractive to bees and other insects
  • Cleaner ground conditions than traditional brassica feeding systems & no bare soil overwinter
  • Aggressive root system can improve soil structure and contribute to soil organic matter
  • Westerwold free to avoid self-seeding in the sowing year.
Barmultra II
Italian ryegrass (TET)
Crimson clover
Persian Clover
Sowing rate/acre

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