An excellent GS4 bio-diversity ley

  • A true GS4 multispecies legume, grass and herb rich sward for increased biodiversity
  • This vigorous sward, with abundant legumes and herbs, will provide habitat and food for a huge variety of insects and wildlife need for your farm to thrive and improve soil structure and water infiltration
  • GS4 legume and herb rich swards are eligible for £309 per hectare (ha) on the Countryside Stewardship Mid-Tier and Higher-Tier. 
  • BarGS4 is also suitable for productive cattle and sheep

*Key benefits

  • Deep penetrating roots will improve soil structure and have the ability to make the best use of the available soil nutrients, moisture and minerals
  • This diverse mixture has been proven to provide a hardy, long grazing season for livestock with the multi legume species to fix nutrients and sustain year-long production
  • Including flowering species, this mixture provided vital beneficial pollinators feed and shelter
  • Chicory is a highly productive species for livestock and effective in protecting against internal parasites


Where to use BarGS4

  • arable land
  • temporary grassland
  • permanent grassland that has been cultivated and re-sown within the last 5 years


How to use BarGS4

  • GS4 allows very limited use of pesticides so only choose fields that do not have a burden of weeds or slugs.
  • Soil that has a pH more than than 6.0 and that is above index 2 for phosphorus and potassium. Soil can be improved with lime, manures or Phosphate and potassium (but not Nitrogen) fertiliser.
  • Sow before the end of Summer to allow establishment before Winter sets-in
  • Recommend sowing rate of 30kg/ha
  • Sow shallowly on to a firm, clean, fine seedbed. Or, sow into an established grass sward. 








BarGS4 - Legume and herb-rich sward

1.75kg     Glasker                   Perennial Ryegrass Early Dip.

1.75kg     Callan                     Perennial Ryegrass Late Dip.

0.50kg     Comer                    Timothy

0.50kg     Motim                     Timothy 

2.00kg     Barelite                  Tall Fescue

1.00kg     Cosmonaut            Meadow Fescue

1.50kg     Dascada                Cocksfoot

0.25kg     Alice                      White Clover Large Leaf

0.25kg     Crusader               White Clover Medium Leaf

1.50kg     Discovery              Red Clover Late

0.10kg     Sanfoin                  Legume

0.10kg     Birdsfoot Trefoil   Legume

0.80kg     Barvicos                Vetch

0.15kg     Commander          Chicory

0.15kg     Tonic                     Plantain

0.05kg     Yarrow                   Herb

0.05kg     Sheeps Parsley    Herb

0.10kg     Salad Burnet         Herb


*Correct at time of creation, it is the growers responsibility to check the requirements of each scheme are met.

Perennial Ryegrass, Timothy, Tall Fescue, Meadow Fescue mix
Red Clover
Legume - Sanfoin, Birdsfoot Trefoil, Barvicos
White Clover
Sowing rate per acre
Pack size
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Discover our range of mixtures for environmental, bio-diversity, game cover and stewardship schemes.



Discover our range of mixtures for environmental, bio-diversity, game cover and stewardship schemes.



Discover our range of mixtures for environmental, bio-diversity, game cover and stewardship schemes.



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