Barmultra II

Italian ryegrass

  • Tetraploid
  • High yielding
  • Excellent disease resistance
  • Persistant
  • Produces 20% more than perennial ryegrass

Italian Ryegrass is a very high yielding, high quality variety, producing 10% more from a spring sowing than other recommended varieties. By using Italian ryegrass rather than westerwolds, there is a much lower risk of contaminating arable land with self seeded grass in the sowing year. Italian ryegrass produces 20% more than perennial ryegrass. And persists for 2-3 years. Excellent disease resistance.



DESCRIPTION: A brighter green than perennials, densely or loosely tufted. Similar to ryegrass but leaves rolled into the bud and not folded. Tends to be larger, stouter and more densely tufted than ryegrass.

LEAF BLADE: Ribbed on upper surface, smooth below. Red at base.

AURICLES & LIGULE: Narrow, spreading, prominent when old. Small, 2mm. Blunt

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