Italian Ryegrass

  • Strong first and second cut yields
  • Excellent crown rust resistance

Barimax is an Italian tetraploid that heads on the 20th May and provides strong first and second cut yields as well as good total year figures for both year one and two. The first cut quality of Barimix is 71.9D and it has a crown rust resistance score of 7.3.



DESCRIPTION: A brighter green than perennials, densely or loosely tufted. Similar to ryegrass but leaves rolled into the bud and not folded. Tends to be larger, stouter and more densely tufted than ryegrass.

LEAF BLADE: Ribbed on upper surface, smooth below. Red at base.

AURICLES & LIGULE: Narrow, spreading, prominent when old. Small, 2mm. Blunt