The all-round soft-leaved

  • Late tall fescue.
  • One of Barenbrug’s new soft-leaved tall fescues.
  • Late heading, high digestible.

One of Barenbrug’s new soft-leaved tall fescues

Barelite comes from the famous group ‘NutriFibre®’ soft-leaved tall fescues. Having well-known Barolex and Bariane as his ‘sister-varieties’, Barelite shows great tall-fescue characteristics. It combines the typical tall fescue-features like high yielding, drought resistance and winter hardiness, with new developed soft-leafiness and improved digestibility. This makes Barelite a perfect choice for high yielding seed mixtures for farm.


Late heading, high digestible  

One of the main benefits of Barelite is its late heading. The process of stem formation (heading) is slow for this variety, ensuring a leafy sward up until time of harvesting, which will give increased digestibility in the silage. This can be seen from table 1 where the Digestible Organic Matter (DOM) of Barelite is plotted against other tall fescues.


Test across Europe

Barelite has a proven record of good performance all over Europe. It has been tested in Barenbrug’s research fields in the UK, France, Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands, Poland, Romania and Russia. It can be used at different soil types, from very peaty soils to dry sandy soils, making Barelite a very secure component of your mixture.


Table 1.