Tall Fescue

  • Very high yielding
  • Soft leaved
  • High digestibility
  • Drought tolerance
  • Winter hardiness
  • Excellent disease resistance

The highest yielding in its class, Bardoux is the latest product from Barenbrug’s soft-leaved tall fescue breeding program. It combines the well-known characteristics of soft-leafiness, digestibility, drought tolerance and winter hardiness with improved yield. This has been proved by official trials in France, where Bardoux is rated as the highest yielding soft-leaved type
This variety has excellent disease resistance. The name ‘Bardoux’ in French implicates its soft-leaves. Compared to the traditional tall fescues this variety is again much softer and thereby shows an improved palatability. This goes hand in hand with high digestibility where Bardoux brings the perfect combination of feed value and effective fibre.



DESCRIPTION: Very tall tufted perennuial forming dense tussocks. Tillers large and foliage coarse. Short bristles along edge of collar (visible with magnification).


LEAF BLADE: Broad green leaves, fringed auricle and strongly ribbed leaves, glossy lower surface. Harsh to touch with fine silica teeth which can be felt.


AURICLES & LIGULE: Small and spreading, minutely hairy. Short, 2mm. Finely serrated