Hybrid Ryegrass

  • High percentage of perennial ryegrass
  • Very persistent variety
  • Good first cut yield
  • Excellent crown rust resistance

Bannfoot is an exciting new tetraploid hybrid ryegrass with a heading of 19th May. Bannfoot has a high percentage of perennial parentage meaning it is incredibly persistent - as demonstrated by its third year yield figure (105%), which has the highest 3rd year yield of all hybrid ryegrasses on the RGCL. Alongside an excellent yield in year three, farmers that sow Bannfoot can expect excellent first cut yields and high resistance to crown rust.




The hybrid ryegrass is a cross between the Italian and perennial forms of ryegrass and shares characteristics of both.

The dominant parent determines how the variety performs in the field. Some hybrids express the characteristics of the Italian parent very strongly, producing very high yields of up to 20 tonnes per hectare. Other hybrids, express the characteristics of the perennial parent and are very persistent.

Characterised as a rapid growing variety lasting from 1-5 years or longer depending on summer conditions and endophyte status.

Hybrids typically yield 10% more than PRG and consistently produce high yields over 4-5 years and show rapid recovery after cutting.