This field is five years old.


There are lots of open spaces and this is allowing plenty of room for weeds (such as docks) to come in and dominate the sward, meaning this can be classed as an INDEX 3...

Index 3


Walk the field and assess grass content.


An INDEX 3 field will have a total of 50-60% sown, productive species (including any clover at less than 10%, if sown).


It will also have approximately 40% weeds or gaps.


There will be docks covering around 20-25% of the field and at this level it means you are losing up to a quarter of yield from it.



At Index 3, the field is in an ideal situation to correct the problem and extend the life of the pasture.



This is an ideal stage to correct the problem.


Between March and April, the docks are healthy and actively growing, with good weather conditions. To tackle docks, use an overall spray such as Dockstar Pro.


Once the docks have been removed, overseed with quality grass seed to get productivity back into the sward before weeds get a chance to thrive in bare earth.


Follow manufacturers instructions in regards to when to over sow after using a herbicide to avoid any issues with young grass seedlings.


This is also an ideal time to add clover. This will boost the durability of the sward, extending its lifetime by a couple of years.