This field has been considerably damaged by overwintering of stock and there is evidence of this throughout the field and it can be classed as an Index 2.

Index 2


Walk the field and assess grass content.


An Index 2 field will have less than 40% sown, productive species with less than 10% clover (if sown), coupled with more than 40% weed content or gaps.


The sward will be very open and this could be through a number of factors.


Ryegrass is left in the field and the ryegrass that is left is of very poor quality.


This could be through a number of factors including poor weather or lack of density in the existing sward.



If something is not done with this field very soon it will be a complete write-off.



We do still have a couple of options available to fix this field.


1) We can burn off the existing sward and completely reseed or,

2) We could use the less expensive options and overseed.


When considering overseeding options, we should use the recommended lists and consider varieties on sward density, palatability and yield.


Overseeding this sward could easily turn it from an Index 2 to an Index 3 or 4 and we could get three to four extra years production from the field without having to do a complete reseed.