Cropvale Farm Research Site

In 2018 we celebrated a decade of research and development at our Cropvale trials site in Worcestershire, UK. Established in 2008, Cropvale is our leading location for testing the performance, palatability and persistency of agriculture grass varieties and mixtures bred for use by UK farmers.


Every year, thousands of new grass plots are sown at Cropvale, which spans 15 acres of farmland in the Vale of Evesham, between Pershore and Evesham. Cropvale is used to test new grass seed products developed out of the international breeding programme of The Royal Barenbrug Group – our parent company. The site also tests varieties arising from Barenbrug UK’s long-standing partnership with the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI) in Northern Ireland. We are also proud that Cropvale is a major disease trials centre for the National Institute of Agricultural Botany (NIAB) for the England and Wales Recommended Grass and Clover Lists.


Cropvale plays a critical role in the UK farming sector, putting new grass seed varieties through their paces to ensure that they will give farmers the best possible results. Over the last decade we’ve sown thousands of grass plots at Cropvale so we can closely monitor their potential in terms of overall yield but also palatability, persistency and disease resistance. Cropvale is a unique place, doing vital work. We are proud of the site’s track record in advancing the agriculture industry’s understanding of the science of good grass, and for the role it plays in developing grass products that consistently top national recommended lists.


Read more about the history of Cropvale; the people that work there; and the projects that make it such a special place in the world of grass.

Good quality grazed grassland is the cheapest feed for ruminant livestock and the base for profitable farming. 

Grass - UK Farming's Crop. Around 70% of utilisable agricultural land in the UK is given over to grass.

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