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BarPlanner - Grass Seed Calculator

To use all of the features of the Grass Seed Calculator you must use the panel to the top-right to register or log on.
This will enable you to save projects and add your own products for calculations. For help using this Grass Seed Calculator launch the help.
The default units for the Grass Seed Calculator are m2 and kg, however, you can change units here.

Start new project

1. Calculate AREA

Specify area: m2


Calculate area:

Define new area

Title Area Quantity

There are currently no areas defined.

2. Calculate REQUIREMENT

Calculation Title:
Barenbrug Seed:
Custom Product: Add
Total Area:
Unit Cost / Weight: £ per kg bag
Seeding Rate:
g per m2

Seed Requirement

Calculated Area: 0m2
Calculated Weight: Not supplied
Calculated Cost: Not supplied

Order Requirement

Bags Required: No unit weight supplied
Cost of Bags: Not supplied
Quick Use Instructions.

Using section 1, specify your
area in the field available.

Using section 2, select a seed,and a seeding rate then click Calculate

The weight of seed required will be calculated and displayed in the green panel.

To estimate cost/bags also provide the Unit Cost/Weight in Section 2.

*For help calculating your area use the "Define new area" feature in Section 1.

Advanced use help

3. Saved Calculations and SUMMARY

Title Area Product Rate / Depth Weight Cost Bags
You currently have no saved calculations

4. Save this PROJECT

Registered and logged on users can save the calculated areas and the saved calculations and summary above, by providing a project title and clicking 'Save'.
Use the panel to the top right to register or log on.

Project Title:
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