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Quality has everything to do with the success of your profession. Our profession is plant breeding; selecting and developing plants for various applications, and we have specialised in grass.

Barenbrug spends a lot of time and effort on the quality of its product. We have introduced unique systems to ensure that our quality product is of the highest standards. All seed produced under our own supervision will be carefully tested at all the stages of the production process.

Barenbrug is one of the biggest grass seed producers in the UK, producing around 2,000 hectares sown with Barenbrug cultivars. This means that the seed is produced to the Higher Voluntary Standards (H.V.S.), which is unique to the UK guaranteeing a higher level of purity and germination. Barenbrug always aims to surpass the H.V.S. standards. All cleaning procedures in our production facilities are closely monitored to prevent any contamination.

Our profession is plant breeding; selecting and developing quality cultivars with the essential, unique characteristics to meet the ever-increasing demands placed upon you for quality surfaces whatever the circumstances.  

Barenbrug has been developing cultivars at research stations in different climatic zones for more than 50 years.

Barenbrug now has a decentralised research operation in many different countries on five continents, guaranteeing better testing and selection, offering innovation and well-adapted cultivars and species in each climatic area.

It takes around 15 years to develop a new cultivar, meaning that breeding started today will only be available in 2027. 

This is why we spend a lot of time listening to our customers to make sure we will meet their future requirements. 

Grass seed breeders work to improve and update cultivars on an ongoing basis, providing turf professionals with characteristics like disease and drought tolerance, cool-temperature germination and rapid recovery from wear. You name a problem, you can be sure thereís a breeder out there pioneering a new cultivar to solve it!

Thatís why we, in turn, are constantly looking at how we can better our mixtures with the latest Barenbrug-bred cultivars. Itís our job to make the most of these breeding breakthroughs and research innovation; the latest of which feature in BAR Range and BarForage mixtures.

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