Mission, vision and values

As one of the largest grass seed producers in the UK, Barenbrug is a leading player, distributing more than 4,000 tonnes of UK grown grass seed each year through an efficient network in both the amenity and agriculture communities.  

The basis for our realisation is captured in the five core values and our mission statement. They are fairly simple concepts that may seem quite obvious.

Our mission

"Increase animal productivity to help feed the world and enhance the enjoyment of green spaces."

Our vision

We will be the UK partner of choice for innovative and sustainable agriculture and amenity solutions, by sharing our expertise and putting the customer at the heart of our business. That is our commitment, our Barenbrug promise.

Our core values

We have defined five core values that help us to realise our mission in the right way. We believe that innovation, collaboration, caring, capability and integrity can help us to stay true to ourselves and realise our mission.


These values are at the heart of our words and actions:



When Joseph Barenbrug saw grass, he pictured a world of possibilities – and we still do here in the UK! By being creative, agile and entrepreneurial we can make a difference. Because in this ever-changing world with its constantly shifting demands, innovation is the key to success. We love to take the road less travelled to find new opportunities. 



We believe people can truly strengthen each other. Together with our customers, research partners and distribution partners, we can get the best results. Teamwork drives our success.



We believe true value is only obtained by sustainable management. We take our responsibility seriously. As a family business, we envision a healthy planet with happy people and strong Barenbrug colleagues. This is why corporate social responsibility is at the heart of our business operations. We believe in specific measurable goals and taking up challenges – just like we do in our Helping with Hands foundation. Together, we can make the world a better place.



The heart of the company? Our people! We encourage and support all Barenbrug employees to bring out the best for our customers, suppliers and stakeholders. Because people make the difference.



Honest, responsible, trustworthy - this is how we do business. Good business simply starts with good manners – that’s why we sealed ours in our Code of Conduct forever. Because solid relations are built on trust. It’s what we can be held accountable for by our customers.