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Restoring long-term productivity. 

The concept

Forage production is expensive - get your sward back into maximum, long-term productivity by over seeding with RENEW.

RENEW is a 100% ryegrass blend for areas of high fertility

Available with Ensign White Clover Blend

Designed for use in Northern Ireland

Supplied as 20kg, two acre packs. Sowing: 709 seeds/m2

Renew (NI)

The product


  • Increases the proportion of productive ryegrass in the sward
  • Improves the quality of the grass for better animal performance
  • Repairs the damage caused by poaching of grazing swards
  • Specifically designed to work best with specialist overseeding techniques
  • Includes varieties which are aggressive enough to establish in an existing sward, yet easy to manage

In the bag

7Kg Dundrum - Late Perennial Ryegrass (TET)

7Kg Novial - Hybrid Ryegrass (TET)

6Kg Ideal - Late Perennial Ryegrass (TET)


Sowing rate 10kg per acre



Product PDF

Watch our free advice video on Getting Productivity Back Into Your Grassland for useful information and advice on making the most of your grass
  • Designed for use in Northern Ireland
  • Available with Ensign White Clover Blend


9/10 After maize grass production
9/10 Overseedable
7/10 Ley is mainly for grazing with some cutting
7/10 Ley is mainly for cutting with some grazing
7/10 Early spring growth is important
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