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An excellent, low input, high output, high protein cutting ley for 3-4 years with the option to graze

The concept

An intensive cutting mix that will produce up to four prolific cuts of leafy, high protein forage per year, with the option to graze cattle of finish lambs (although it is not advisable for breeding sheep due to phyto-oestrogen production).


  • Designed for yield and persistence, combining the yield of the grasses with the additional protein from the Ensign RED clover blend, a unique mixture of red clovers.
  • Animals fed on red clover/grass silage will eat more and perform better than those fed on grass silage alone due to increased intakes and protein levels
  • The high clover content will benefit from a pH attention to P and K levels
  • This mixture 'Fixes' up to 200kg/Ha of nitrogen meaning it grows with no applications of bagged nitrogen
  • Trials have shown a 3% improvement in kill out percentage for lambs finished on red clover

Supplied as 14kg per acre packs


The product

When to sow

PROTEIN will grow at soil temperatures of down to 5C, enabling the growing season to be extended. Clover will germinate at 10C

When to cut

Three cuts of high protein forage can be taken from this highly productive mixture.

Both grass and clover heading dates have been matched to ensure a consistent, quality crop of silage.

When to graze

Post-cutting grazing is ideal for finishing lambs or grazing young cattle.

Breeding sheep should avoid all red clover sources for six week pre-tupping until six weeks after tupping as phytoestrogens can affect the breeding cycle and conception rates.

In the bag

4.75Kg Novial - Hybrid Ryegrass (TET)

3Kg Fintona - Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass (TET)

3Kg Ensign Red - Red Clover Blend

3Kg Aston Crusader - Hybrid Ryegrass (TET)

0.25Kg Alice - White clover


  • Contains Ensign RED, a unique mixture of red clovers. Find out more about this fantastic blend HERE


10/10 Protein production required
10/10 Ley is mainly for cutting with some grazing
10/10 Medium term
7/10 Autumn sheep grazing
7/10 Early spring growth is important
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