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BAR 7 RPR is the regenerating perennial ryegrass. Its faster establishment and recovery after wear is unrivalled.  

This outstanding and innovative 100 percent perennial ryegrass blend makes use of Barenbrug-bred technology and is ideal for use on winter sports pitches.

What is RPR?

  • RPR stands for Regenerating Perennial Ryegrass. It refers to a unique group of Barenbrug bred cultivars of perennial ryegrasses that produce determinate stolons as they develop and grow
  • Determinate stolons enable the RPR plants to spread into the surrounding area, for instance to fill in gaps in the sward caused by wear damage. This ability to recover from wear is unparalleled.

What BAR 7 RPR offers

  • Faster establishment compared to normal perennial ryegrasses, particularly 'fill-in' between disc-seeding lines
  • Gives a very dense sward and excellent wear tolerance and fast recovery after wear
  • Added traction strength due to interconnected plants
  • RPR's creeping growth habit helps fill in sand slits and drainage lines

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Bar 7 RPR

The product


  • Star cultivar Barclay II will provide improved wear tolerance and recovery, as well as better stability and tensile strength
  • Barorlando and Barcristalla combine levels of wear tolerance, cleanness of cut and genetic colour that is unparalleled amongst their rivals
  • Bareuro offers exceptional recovery from wear, fusarium tolerance and cool temperature germination

In the bag

35% Barorlando - Perennial ryegrass

30% Barcristalla - Perennial ryegrass

25% Barclay II - Perennial ryegrass

10% Bareuro - Perennial ryegrass


Sowing rate 30 - 40g per m2
Oversowing rate 15 - 25g per m2
Sowing depth 12 - 15mm

How much Bar 7 RPR do I need?


Download Product PDF

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10/10 Overseedable
10/10 Quick establishment
10/10 Heavy duty
10/10 Wear tolerance
10/10 Good colour
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