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Top rated 100% red fescue blend for golf courses.

BAR FESCUE offers superior shoot density and outstanding tolerance to, and recovery from disease.

Ideal for construction, renovation and species exchange on free-draining golf courses and bowling greens.

BAR FESCUE is also suitable for divotting and renovation of high quality tees and fairways.

What BAR Fescue offers

  • Cooler temperature germination and earlier spring green-up for the species
  • Unparalleled shoot density and visual merit for the species
  • Excellent drought tolerance
  • Excellent combined disease tolerance to red thread, fusarium and dollar spot
  • Tolerant of regular greens mowing height down to 4mm
  • Supplied in 20kg bags


Bar Fescue

The product


  • 50:50 blend of Chewings and slender creeping fescues provide year round performance
  • Contains both the top-rated Chewings (Barlineus) and slender creeping (Viktorka) cultivars for greens use (BSPB Turfgrass Seed 2017)
  • Chewings fescues are most active in spring and early summer
  • Slender creeping red fescues are most active in summer and autumn

In the bag

30% Viktorka - Slender creeping red fescue

30% Bargreen II - Chewings fescue

20% Barlineus - Chewings fescue

20% Barcrown - Slender creeping red fescue


Sowing rate 25 - 35g per m2
Oversowing rate 15 - 25g per m2
Sowing depth 8 - 12mm
Mowing height down to 4mm

How much Bar Fescue do I need?


10/10 Medium fine
10/10 Close mown
10/10 Fusarium tolerance
10/10 Red thread tolerance
9/10 Dollar spot tolerance
9/10 Drought tolerance
9/10 Low nitrogen input
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