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SOS 21 days miracle. 


Often copied. Never equalled. 

BAR 50 SOS is a remarkable, true amenity annual ryegrass overseeding blend providing superior germination and establishment in very cool soil temperatures for year-round sward cover, with excellent performance across all types of grass surfaces.

Where to use BAR 50 SOS

Football, rugby and sports pitches

  • Ideal for renovation of permanent turf areas when fast establishment and / or cool temperature germination is paramount
  • Provides quality grass for summer renovation of sports pitches with extremely limited establishment windows
  • Ideal 'get out of jail free card' growing very fast in winter, helping support other mixtures
  • Supplied in 20kg bags


  • Suitable for transition renovation and divoting of racecourses


  • Keep the course looking good in late autumn, winter & early spring by repairing divots and reinstatement of tees, fairway bottlenecks & walkways


  • Ideal for unseasonal repair of heavy wear areas of wicket ends and bowlers' run ups

Golf    Cricket   Football  Rugby   

Bar 50 SOS

The product

How Bar 50 SOS works

  • SOS variety 4IR-1 germinates and grows at cool soil temperatures down to 3.5C to sustain winter pitch cover
  • Bardorado provides longevity to the blend with excellent performance characteristics, wear tolerance and disease resistance
  • Faster establishment compared to all other 100% perennial ryegrass blends in all temperatures
  • Ideal renovation of permanent turf areas when fast establishment and / or cool temperature germination is paramount.


In the bag

50% Bardorado - Perennial ryegrass

50% 4IR-1 - Annual Ryegrass


Sowing rate 30 - 40g per m2
Oversowing rate 20 - 40g per m2
Sowing depth 4 - 8mm
Mowing height down to 20mm

How much Bar 50 SOS do I need?


10/10 Landscape
10/10 Heavy duty
10/10 Wear tolerance
10/10 Quick establishment
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