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Rapid establishment with extreme wear tolerance and recovery. Superior fineness of leaf, high shoot density, cleanness of cut and close mowing.

Golf: BAR EXTREME is the performing perennial ryegrass mixture which helps golf clubs extend the playing season, thanks to its rapid-establishment and hard-wearing characteristics.

Cricket: BAR EXTREME provides excellent shoot recovery for hard-working squares with limited rotation.

Where to use BAR Extreme

BAR EXTREME is ideal for divotting, renovation and species exchange of golf tees and fairways. It is also suitable for renovation and construction of heavy wear golf greens, surrounds and driving ranges. 

Renovation and construction of cricket squares, outfields, tennis courts, hockey and lacrosse.

Winners' enclosures and lawns.

What BAR Extreme offers

  • Very fast establishment
  • Extremely fine-leafed for the species
  • Superior wear tolerance and recovery
  • Fast establishment for mid and end of season renovation
  • Can handle very close mowing
  • Excellent early spring growth
  • High shoot density
  • Superior aesthetics
  • Leaf spot tolerance

Mowing height down to 10mm racecourses; 5mm golf and 2mm cricket

Sowing rate for cricket: 25-50g per m2

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Bar Extreme

The product


  • Fine leafed but hard wearing perennial ryegrasses for applications requiring close mowing
  • Bargold has superior leaf spot tolerance and cool temperature germination
  • Barsignum is very fine leafed and offers exceptional turf aesthetics
  • Barcristalla increases wear tolerance and enhances summer colour

In the bag

40% Bargold - Perennial ryegrass

30% Barcristalla - Perennial ryegrass

30% Barsignum - Perennial ryegrass


Sowing rate 25 - 35g per m2
Oversowing rate 15 - 25g per m2
Sowing depth 12 - 15mm
Mowing height down to 5mm

How much Bar Extreme do I need?

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