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Proto Plus is designed to deliver maximum production of a very high protein forage from spring sowing, followed by an autumn and winter grazing sward suitable for sheep and overwintering cattle.

It also offers a flexible alternative to forage brassicas or westerwolds.

Supplied as 12kg per acre packs

Proto Plus

The product


  • BARMULTRA II is a very high yielding, high quality variety, producing 10% more from a spring sowing than other recommended varieties. By using Italian ryegrass rather than westerwolds, there is no risk of contaminating arable land with self seeded grass in the sowing year.
  • CONTEA Crimson clover is a very high yielding single cut annual clover, which will grow from seed to flowering in around 120 days, but should be cut before flowering for maximum quality. Its forage has a protein content of around 20% and an ME of 12-14MJ. It is a tap-rooted clover, so improving the soil structure and will "fix" over 40kg/h nitrogen.
  • LIGHTENING Persian clover is a high quality, multi-cut species. It will survive in the sward whether cut or grazed through the autumn. It has a fibrous rooting system that will improve soil organic matter

In the bag

6Kg Barmultra II - Italian ryegrass (TET)

4.5Kg Contea - Crimson clover

1.5Kg Lightening - Persian Clover


Sowing rate 12kg per acre



  • Improves the nutritional value and palatability of fodder, increasing the ME by 5 to 15% and the bypass protein by 30 to 50%
  • Reduces production costs as it can 'fix' its own nitrogen
  • Improves soil structure as an ideal entry for winter cropping

Read about Proto Plus for UK livestock farmers


10/10 Ley is mainly for cutting with some grazing
10/10 Autumn sheep grazing
10/10 Short term
10/10 Quick establishment
10/10 Protein production required
10/10 Overseedable
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