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Ensign Duet is a unique mixture of red and white clovers, developed to meet the need for rapid nitrogen fixation to feed new leys.

Red clovers establish faster than white and are able to make nitrogen available to the ley as the white clover is establishing.

Available in pack sizes of: 5kg or 25kg

Sowing rate: Up to 2.5kg per acre

Ensign Duet

The product


  • Increased yield - our mixture trials showed a yield increase of 5% in the first year after sowing, worth around 100.00 per hectare (40.00/acre)
  • The increase continued into the second harvest year, producing additional yields worth 75.00 per hectare (30.00/acre)
  • Increases the overall protein content of the sward. Red clover's protein content is around 17% compared to grasses of around 12%
  • Because red clover is high in phyto-oestrogen, breeding sheep should be kept from grazing for six weeks either side of tupping
  • Red clover is excellent feed for growing and finishing stock

In the bag

67% Ensign Red - Red Clover Blend

33% Ensign - White clover blend



  • Contains recommended Herbage Varieties Guide varieties


10/10 Long term / Permanent
8/10 Beef
8/10 More white clover content
8/10 Protein production required
8/10 Ley is mainly for cutting with some grazing
8/10 Low nitrogen input
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